The healthcare sector faces many challenges. Keeping facilities clean, hygienic and pathogen free is the aim of healthcare professionals around the world. We have tried to separate the challenges faced into core elements but we know we cannot cover them all in this small website. EcaSafe is far more than just a provider of disinfecting fluids and cleaning products. We can help in the fight against hospital acquired infections. Contact us to discuss your particular problem. BREAKING NEWS DentiGuard passes stringent water tests and proves its efficacy in controlling biofilm in dental water lines. ActivSure disinfecting fluids are effective against all bacteria. [tabs titles=”Levels of Protection, Disinfection,Articles”] [tab_pane]It is important to note that ActivSure fluids from EcaSafe are not sterilants. They are high level disinfectants. Independent tests demonstrate that under laboratory conditions they demonstrate a 6 log10 reduction in gram positive and gram negative bacteria. As such they are a very useful weapon in the fight against pathogens but they must be used within their limits.[/tab_pane] [tab_pane] ActivSure disinfecting fluids from EcaSafe come in a variety of strengths. The ProGuard for example gives a very high level of protection to commonly encountred pathogen. However the MediGuard provides an even higher level of protection. If you are a specialist working in the field of infection control you should be talking to us.[/tab_pane] [tab_pane]Articles will be published here[/tab_pane][/tabs]