ActivSure disinfecting fluids from EcaSafe are food safe. They are readily incorporated into hygiene systems and can improve food safety.

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[tab_pane] It is now possible to use safe, sustainable and economic disinfection and cleaning fluids for food service applications. [/tab_pane]

[tab_pane] The regular disinfection of food service areas is essential for customer and staff welfare.

EcaSafre recommends that you follow manufacturers recommendations for electrical apparatus. ActivSure disinfecting fluids from EcaSafe can be used on all food surfaces including cutting boards, display cases, chiller units, utensils. It is a great alternative to aggressive chemicals.[/tab_pane]

[tab_pane] ActivSure cleaning fluids from EcaSafe are strong surfactants that can be used in food preparation areas such as kitchens. They can remove fats and oils.[/tab_pane]

[tab_pane] A recent survey found that Ice in six out of ten restaurants has more bacteria than water from toilets.

Did you know that this problem can be eliminated simply by adding a small quantity of ActivSure disinfecting fluid from EcaSafe to the water before the ice in made. Contact us to learn more.

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