Don’t be fooled by a title. Security covers everything from emergency responders through to full CBRN [tabs titles=”Intro, CBRN,Emergency Responders,Specialist Cleaning, Articles”] [tab_pane]ActivSure fluids from EcaSafe can be produces on site and in large or small volumes. The disinfecting fluid is fast acting and can be made in high strength. They are safe to handle and safe to the environment. As such they are ideally suited to security applications. [/tab_pane] [tab_pane] CBRN If this is your discipline you should be talking to us.[/tab_pane] [tab_pane]Whether it is police, fire, ambulance, marine or security services there are multiple applications for ActivSure disinfection and/or cleaning fluids from EcaSafe. [/tab_pane] [tab_pane] The cleaning of specialist equipment and vehicles is always a challenge. Talk to us to discover the advantages of ActivSure fluids.[/tab_pane][/tabs]