All-in One Dental Disinfection with DentiGuard from EcaSafe

Make your own dental disinfectant using EcaSafe Dentiguard.

Using our new special dental formula additive in DentiGuard you can save money on expensive surface hygiene and water line products.

A cost effective, safe and environmentally sustainable alternate to costly and often dangerous chemicals

Dosing ActivSure disinfecting fluid into dental lines removes biofilm and keep the water free from pathogens.

Extract from advice of the American Dental Association -ADA:
Dental unit waterlines must be maintained regularly to deliver water of an optimal microbiologic quality. Although infection associated with microbial contamination of waterlines appears to be rare, it has been shown that the level of microorganisms in untreated dental unit waterlines is greater than 500 CFU/mL, which exceeds the drinking water standard. Colonization of microorganisms within the waterlines-while it may not be a concern to healthy individuals-might place elderly or immunocompromised patients at unnecessary risk. Dental unit waterlines (the tubes that connect the high-speed handpiece, air/water syringe and ultrasonic scaler to the water supply) have been shown to harbor, in significant numbers, a wide variety of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, and protozoans. These microorganisms colonize and replicate on the interior surfaces of the waterline tubing, inevitably resulting in adherent heterogenous microbial accumulations termed “biofilms”. Biofilms, once formed, serve as a reservoir significantly amplifying the numbers of free-floating microorganisms in the water exiting the waterlines. It has been suggested that heating dental unit water to increase patient comfort, as is the practice in some dental offices, may further augment biofilm formation. In dental unit waterline systems that are not maintained, these microbial accumulations can contribute to occasional objectionable odors and visible particles of biofilm material exiting the system.

ActivSure disinfecting fluids carry a strong residual and are effective against all pathogens encountered in dental unit water lines. The disinfecting fluid is extremely good at removing and preventing biofilms.

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The regular disinfection of apparatus is essential for health and welfare.

EcaSafe recommends that you follow manufacturers recommendations for apparatus. Sanitising fluids from EcaSafe can be used on all surfaces such as chairs, surfaces and equipment as an alternative to aggressive chemicals