Infection Control

ActivSure HomeGuard fluid is a great biocide. That means it kills pathogens. Pathogens are those things that are trying to kill us or do us serious damage.


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[tab_pane] You can use Homeguard fluid to replace many of your chemicals. It is safe to use on surfaces and even to spray into the air.

It will kill the influenza virus. However that isn’t all it does. It is effective against all types of bacteria. So use it on touch surfaces, toilets, hand basins, food preparation areas or any high risk areas.

Remember, HomeGuard is made using just water and our special salt based additive ActivSalt. There is no need to store dangerous chemicals.


[tab_pane]Influenza is usually spread in the following ways:

  • by direct transmission (when an infected person sneezes mucus directly into the eyes, nose or mouth of another person);
  • the airborne route (when someone inhales the droplets produced by an infected person coughing, sneezing or spitting);
  • through hand-to-eye, hand-to-nose, or hand-to-mouth transmission, either from contaminated surfaces or from direct personal contact such as a hand-shake.

ActivSure disinfecting fluids from EcaSafe can help combat influenza.

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[/tab_pane][tab_pane]The regular disinfection and sterilizing of baby apparatus is essential for baby health and welfare.

EcaSafe recommends that you follow manufacturers recommendations for baby feeding apparatus. HomeGuard disinfecting fluids can be used on all surfaces such as baby change mats, bedding, bowls and even play mats as an alternative to aggressive chemicals.