Keeping you and your pets safe is now much easier.

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[tab_pane] The health and well-being of pets and their owners can be improved by the correct use of ActivSure disinfecting fluids from EcaSafe [/tab_pane]

[tab_pane] Just as with humans influence can be spread in dogs. Here is useful site:

Dog influenza is usually spread in the following ways:

  • by direct transmission (when an infected dog sneezes mucus directly into the eyes, nose or mouth of another dog);
  • the airborne route (when the dog inhales the droplets produced by an infected dog coughing, sneezing or spitting);
  • through contact either from contaminated surfaces or from direct contact with another dog.

ActivSure disinfecting fluids from EcaSafe can help combat influenza.[/tab_pane]

[tab_pane]Use ActivSure disinfecting fluids from EcaSafe to control odours, keep surfaces hygienic and germ free. The disinfecting fluid is safe for skin contact on you and your pet. [/tab_pane]

[tab_pane]ActivSure disinfecting fluids from EcaSafe such as the HomeGuard or the ProGurad can be used to clean aquarium glass. Although the fluid can be added to tank water we don’t recommend this as it depletes the oxygen and may cause discomfort to the fish.[/tab_pane]