Surface disinfection

Keeping surfaces clean and hygienic

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[tab_pane]Cleaning is a 3 stage process. Remove the debris, clean away the visible contamination then disinfect. A surface isn’t safe unit all three steps have been completed.

It is now possible to replace many toxic and environmentally dangerous cleaning or disinfection products with either HomeGuard or ProGuard.

The key difference between the 2 products is their cleaning ability. The HomeGuard is primarily a sanitizer. It is great at disinfecting but has only mild cleaning abilities. It is wonderful on glass and shinny surfaces but will not remove fats and oils. The ProGuard with its extra cleaning ability is a much better cleaner. It will remove fats and oils on kitchen surfaces but is also great for cleaning floors.

There is no need to dilute the finished disinfecting fluid from either the HomeGuard or the Proguard. Similarly there is no need to dilute the finished cleaning fluid from the ProGuard unit. Always wear protective gloves when handling cleaning products.[/tab_pane]

[tab_pane]The HomeGuard cleaning fluid is a mild cleaner which is idea for glass any shinny surfaces. The Proguard cleaning fluid is much stronger and can remove heavy oils and fats.

Using the fluids is simple. For the HomeGuard you only have one fluid to think about. It is made using our ActivSalt. There is no need to dilute the finished fluid. It is ready to use. Spray it on a surface and then wipe over with a clean cloth, paper towel or microfibre cloth. It is great on mirrors and tiles. Use it in toilets, bathrooms, kitchens. Spray it into rubbish bins or into the air to control odours. It’s very versatile.

The ProGuard produces 2 fluids. One is a greaat disinfectant which is made and used in exactly the same way as the HomeGuard. The second fluid is a special cleaning fluid. It is made using our K2Active powder which you add to the water before activating the mixture in the ProGuard generator jug. The resulting fluid is a great cleaning fluid. Use it on floors and non porous surfaces. It will remove grease, fats and oils. Apply it by pouring, wiping, mopping or spraying but remember to wear gloves when using it. Like all cleaning fluids it needs to be handled with care.[/tab_pane]

[tab_pane]The regular disinfection of surfaces is essential for health and welfare. Apply the fluid by pouring, mopping, wiping or spraying. The fluid can be used with microfibre cloths and can prevent cross contamination by soiled cloths. 

EcaSafe recommends that you follow manufacturers recommendations for electrical apparatus. HomeGuard disinfecting fluids can be used on all surfaces such as baby change mats, bedding, bowls and even playmats as an alternative to aggressive chemicals. [/tab_pane]