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Increased profits with better animal/crop health via Ecasafe

Microorganisms are found almost everywhere. They include bacteria, viruses and fungi. These are a major problem on many farms. In animals they can spread disease and cause illnesses which can spread from animal to animal in a whole herd or flock. They restrict development and can lead to premature death. In crops they can stunt growth and accelerate diseases. Failure to control bacteria, viruses and fungi comes at a cost to the farmer, the animals and the crops. Expensive chemical treatments and the increased use of antibiotics is not the answer. EcaSafe solutions are environmentally sustainable. They can improve animal/crop welfare, raise productivity, improve safety and increase
profitability. They are effective, efficient and economic. Correct control of pathogens means lower costs, increased profits and a safer environment for everyone. [tabs titles=”Feed Water treatment,Microbial effects”] [tab_pane]One of the obvious uses for EcaSafe disinfecting fluids is their ability to eliminate pathogens in water lines. They are highly effective at removing biofilms because they carry a strong residual they are highly effective at keeping lines clean. The results speak for themselves. less cross contamination between animals. Increased growth rates and improved infection control leading to reduced death rates.[/tab_pane] [tab_pane]EcaSAfe disinfecting fluids contain Hypochlorous which is proved to control pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. It’s elevated ORP or REDOX has also been demonstrated to be highly effective against pathogens. This double effect means that there are very few alternatives that are as kind to the environment or animals. [/tab_pane] [tab_pane]Content…[/tab_pane][/tabs]