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From greenhouses and fields to commercial packing and distribution networks ActivSure disinfecting and cleaning fluids from EcaSafe have a role to play. Whether it is combating fungi on leaf surfaces or dealing with pathogens at post harvest stage ActivSure can bring environmental and profit boosting solutions.

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[tab_pane]Neutral pH ActivSure disinfecting water from EcaSafe has been demonstrated to inactivate fungi in pure culture and to mitigate infection on fruit surfaces. It is a viable alternative or supplement to traditional pre-harvest crop management methods which currently currently rely on large quantities of fungicides.[/tab_pane]

[tab_pane]ActivSure disinfecting fluids from EcaSafe are effective for post-harvest sanitation of fruit surfaces prior to packaging and can, in appropriate circumstances, increase the shelf life of the fruit in transit and display.[/tab_pane]