DentiGuard Plus

The All-In-One Dental Disinfectant that keeps you complaint.

DentiGuard Plus Kit

The DentiGuard electrolyser looks like a kettle and is just as simple to use. Pour in some of our special additive then add tap water before pressing the start button. The unit switches itself off when ready. It really is that simple.

  • Dentiguard disinfectant contains hypochlorous acid and kills 99.9% of all pathogens!
  • It is safe for users so carries no health warnings and has no side effects whatsoever!
  • Dentiguard is based on 200 year old proven efficacy of hypochlorous acid
  • The Dentiguard solution is formulated in just 8 minutes, poured into a approved spray bottle and used as a sanitizer for your entire surgery – it’s incredibly easy! Just 40ml in your waterlines will also ensure they are free from legionella and biofilm.

SAVING ££££ – with Dentiguard Plus, an average 3 chair surgery could save over £100 a month on the the costs of surface cleaning and waterline treatment.

Dentiguard Plus ensures you to stay compliant and free from litigation!