Professional cleaning is a 2 stage process…. clean then disinfect. With ActivSure you can do just that but in a cost effective, environmentally sustainable and efficient way.

For the professional sector there are many benefits including saving money on the procurement, transportation, storage, recording and disposal of chemicals. Contact us to discover how.

The cleaning sector is changing and ActivSure is ready to help. There is a generally a move towards more intensive or thorough disinfection routines especially among food and beverage suppliers, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels. Increased concerns about food-borne illnesses such as E. coli and salmonella backed by more stringent regulations coupled with the growing liability concerns will lead to to increased disinfectant demand in almost all sectors.

In the health care market there is growing awareness of acquired infections such as C. difficile, MERS and MRSA. The rapid coverage of incidents or outbreaks, has caused those who are ultimately responsible for safe workplaces or infection control to rethink their cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Growing pressure from insurers, will continue to drive increasing disinfectant and antimicrobial consumption. This is where ActivSure fluids from EcaSafe can play a vital role in the disinfection and cleaning responses owing to their cost effectiveness, efficacy, ease of use, low toxicity, safety and immediate availability.

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[tab_pane]There is almost no limit to the benefits that ActivSure fluids from EcaSafe bring to professional cleaning.

Cost saving, efficient, effective, sustainable, safe……[/tab_pane]

[tab_pane]The hospitality sector faces many challenges not least of which is the requirement to comply with health safety and hygiene regulations. The hospitality sector is seeing increasing implementation of quality management systems designed to ensure that owners and managers comply with their legal obligations.

The supply of high quality water is central to the services hospitality providers delver to clients and staff. Typical services include clean drinking water, safe water for catering, laundry, Pathogen free heating or cooling systems. The services also extend to housekeeping including bathing water, basins, toilets and those in common areas such as water features. All these services depend on the supply of good quality water

It is difficult to think of anywhere In the hospitality sector that cannot gain benefit from ActivSure fluids. It is no longer sufficient to rely on the municipal water supply. Occasional problems at municipal treatment plants means that water quality can be compromised. A good example of a problem affecting hospitality sector right now is that of Cryptosporidium or Legionella. These pathogens can survive a very long time if water is not properly treated. They pose a very significant risk to the safety of water. Fortunately ActivSure disinfecting fluids from EcaSafe are effective against Cryptosporidium and Legionella.

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